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A tabletop game of engine building and fantasy gods

You are a god in the Eldranic pantheon, but you are only as powerful as the mortals believe you are. Unite the mortal realm, develop civilization, and you can lead the pantheon into a new age.

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5 Different ways to build your engine

You begin playing with the same capabilities as your fellow players, but quickly begin to customize your actions and abilities. Time is limited, and you will need to choose the direction that you take to make the most of each turn.

Unique Player Powers

Each god is unique, but your powers lie dormant until called upon. Unleash your potential as you unite the mortal realm, and bring your full force to bear in a way the others wish they could.

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Inspired Components

With gameplay-supporting components never seen before in tabletop, you get the most tactile experience that we can put on a table. That includes magnetic monuments, mechanical player boards, chunky tokens and detailed miniatures.

A love letter to
euro games

Inspired by modern classics, the bar of comparison is high. Taste familiar flavors while experiencing new and unique twists on the genre. You will be encouraged to plan ahead, but required to adapt in order to come away victorious.

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Demand more
from your games

Engaging gameplay, immersive theme, beautiful artwork and satisfying components - these are qualities that you shouldn't need to choose between when picking your next game. Join us in asking for more with An Age Contrived.

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Coming to Kickstarter on February 28th, 2023.

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